Make a Tour de Taste and take your taste buds on a journey around the globe with a fantastic selection of world foods. From the Caribbean to the Indian continent we have over 5000 products carefully chosen for their quality, provenance and value. With regular in-store tastings and a knowledgeable team we are able to help our customers enjoy and experience world class cuisine from the comfort of their own kitchen!


From tasty cheeses, salami and prosciutto to great pastas, oils and vinegars that you just can’t get elsewhere, we’re packed to the rafters with fantastic ingredients to try out and speciality products you just cant find anywhere else.


We think bread is beautiful. We love how it looks, smells and feels, and of course we love how it tastes. We love the tradition and the skill that goes into baking it, and the never-ending quest for the finest ingredients. Not only do we bake fresh bread daily, we also work with local artisan bakers to ensure quality products are available at all times. So if its sourdough or multi-seed we have the loaf for you.


If you’d like to reduce your impact on the environment then going organic may be the best way forward. We have a growing selection of ethically sourced, organic produce and work closely with a number of local producers. With an unparalleled range of organic spices and herbs from all over the world, you’d be hard pressed to find such variety anywhere else.


We specialise in procuring a range of produce from around the globe with particular focus on Eastern-European, Indo-Asian and Afro Caribbean foods. This ranges from dry goods all the way to market fresh produce delivered daily.